Vessela N. Kristensen - appointed group leader and professor

Group leader approval:

Vessela N. Kristensen, PhD, has formally been approved as a group leader at the Department of Genetics. The group "Cancer Genome Variation" consists of one postdoc (EMBIO), 3 PHD students (NFR, DNK and UiO), 3 graduate students (HiB, NTNU and UiO) and a technical assistant.

V. N. Kristensen is presently a scientist supported by Kreftforeningen. In 2002 she acquired a grant from NFR-FUGE (career stipend) to build her group.

Professor appointment:

Vessela N. Kristensen has further been appointed as a professor II in Functional Genomics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), at CIGENE (Centre for Integrative Genetics).

The position has been publicly announced and is financed by NFR-FUGE. It is in the field of functional genome analyses - molecular genetics (position no 8/05).

In this capacity VN Kristensen will further study the genotype/phenotype and in particular SNP-expression interactions in other organisms than human, which allow studies in larger pedigree, experimental crossing and comparative inter-species genomics.


V. N. Kristensen
V. N. Kristensen
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