Guest lecture, Friday, March 10th Prof. Stephen Doxsey, Univ. of Massachusetts

S. Doxsey
S. Doxsey

We have the pleasure to welcome Prof. Stephen Doxsey from the University of Massachusetts, Medical School.

Title of the lecture: ”Emerging roles of centrosomes in cell cycle control, cytokinesis and membrane trafficking”

Stephen Doxsey’s laboratory studies the composition, structure and function of the centrosome in various cell cycle stages as well as the role of centrosome aberrations seen in human tumours.

Time and place. Friday, March 10th, 13:30, Seminar room F4

More than a century past their discovery, centrosomes regained the interest of cell biologists. Centrosomes are the major microtubule organizing structures in vertebrate cells. They nucleate and organize microtubules for numerous cellular functions and act as centres for integrating regulatory activities including cell cycle progression, checkpoint control, and stress responses. In dividing vertebrate cells, centrosomes form the poles of mitotic spindles where they direct segregation of chromosomes and play an important role in the final stages of cell division or cytokinesis. Many human tumours show centrosome aberrations influencing both tissue architecture and accuracy of chromosome segregation. Thus the questions whether centrosome aberrations do have a causative role in tumour progression and how centrosome aberrations occur are a current focus in cancer research.

Stephen Doxsey's lab-page:

Selected recent original publications:
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Recent review articles:
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