Institute seminar February 1st Sebastian Patzke

The institute seminar on Wednesday, 1st of February was given by Sebastian Patzke from the Department of Immunology/Radiation biology at The Institute for cancer research.
Title of the talk: "Centrosomes, microtubules, the cell cycle and CSPP ?! Identification of a novel cell cycle associated protein".
A recent publication from Patzke and co-workers:

Patzke, S.Hauge, H.Sioud, M.Finne, E. F.Sivertsen, E. A.Delabie, J.Stokke, T.Aasheim, H. C.(2005)
Identification of a novel centrosome/microtubule-associated coiled-coil protein involved in cell-cycle progression and spindle organization Oncogene 24:1159-73


Sebastian Patzke

Hans Christian Åsheim,s group - Molecular immunology

Trond Stokke's group - Molecular Radiation Biology

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