Paper from the Sandvig group at the front page of “FEBS Journal”.

The front page of the FEBS Journal (August no.16) shows a picture from the study of Torgersen et al. published in the same number. The glycolipid-binding Shiga toxin is endocytosed by different mechanisms, and this article demonstrates that the enzymatically active part of the toxin is important for the ability of the toxin to induce its own entry from clathrin-coated pits. The picture at the front page of the journal shows the colocalization of the toxin with transferrin at the cell surface. The entry of toxins is studied to obtain more information about the different endocytic processes and their regulation.

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Torgersen ML, Lauvrak SU, Sandvig K. The A-subunit of surface-bound Shiga toxin stimulates clathrin-dependent uptake of the toxin. FEBS J. 2005 Aug;272(16):4103-13.
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Recent discoveries on Shiga toxin transport can also be found in:
Lauvrak, S.U., Torgersen, M.L., and Sandvig, K. 2004. Efficient endosome-to-Golgi transport of Shiga toxin is dependent on dynamin and clathrin. J. Cell Sci. 117, 2321-2331.
This article got a separate editiorial comment.


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