Important work on follicular lymphomas published in NEJM

Erlend B. Smeland (left) and Stein Kvalřy.
Erlend B. Smeland, Stein Kvaløy, Harald Holte and Jan Delabie contribute as co-authors to the publication "Predictionof survival in follicular lymphoma based on molecular features of tumor-infiltrating immune cells", published in the November issue of New England Journal of Medicine (impact factor 34.83).

Patients with follicular lymphoma may survive for periods of less than 1 year to more than 20 years after diagnosis. The authors have developed a method to find a molecular predictor of the length of survival by using gene-expression profiles of tumor-biopsy specimens. They conclude that the length of survival among patients with follicular lymphoma correlates with the molecular features of nonmalignant immune cells present in the tumor at diagnosis.

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