Institute Seminar Wednesday, October 13th, 12 o’clock Lina Prasmickaite, Department of Tumor Biology

Lina Prasmickaite
Lina Prasmickaite

Lina Prasmickaite from the Department of Tumor Biology will present her talk:

”Therapeutic strategies for resistant cancer”

Time: Wednesday October 13th at 12:00
the Auditorium


Resistance to standard therapy raises the need for treatment alternatives. Our current focus on chemoresistant breast cancer leans on clinical-trial linked analyses and hypothesis driven pre-clinical research. After brief presentation of the plans regarding the former, I will focus on the lessons learned in pre-clinical studies, specifically, stromal interactions and phenotypic plasticity as resistance contributors and how it could be exploited for therapeutic purposes


Tumor-stroma interactions in metastasis and therapy project group, headed by Lina Prasmickaite

Department of Tumor Biology

Institute seminar overview autumn season 2021

On behalf of the organizing commitee 2021:
Anette Weyergang
Tord Hompland
Helga B. Landsverk
Department of Radiation Biology

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