Institute Seminar Wednesday, May 5th, on Zoom: Susanne Lorenz, Department of Core Facilities

Susanne Lorenz
Susanne Lorenz
The next institute seminar will be held by Susanne Lorenz from the Department of Core Facilities
Title of her talk:
Genomics going spatial - new dimensions of gene expression
Time: Wedneday, May 5th, 12 o’clock
Place: on Zoom

Genomics going spatial - new dimensions of gene expression

The presentation will be started with a short introduction of the services provided by the Genomics an Bioinformatics Core Facilities. Afterwards, the focus will be on the new spatial technologies currently implemented at the Unit. 


Recently, genomic techniques are being adapted to provide spatially resolved omics profling. The ability to discern spatial gene expression differences in complex biological systems is critical to improve our understanding of development and progression of diseases, such as cancer. The complexity presented by heterogeneous tissue has been historically difficult to overcome. Even single cell analysis is limited, as these experiments require dissociated cells. The new spatial technologies enable analysing gene expression in intact tissue sections preserving spatial resolution, which provides critical information for understanding the relationships between cellular function, phenotype and location in the tissue.


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