The Malmberg lab partner in major cancer immunotherapy project

Karl-Johan Malmberg
Karl-Johan Malmberg
The Malmberg Lab is one of four partners in project that recently was awarded 31 MSEK to study and develop new technologies for cancer immunotherapy. The constellation is led by Professor Bjorn Onfelt at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. 
The team focus on T and NK cells and their interactions with tumor cells in both 2D and 3D models.
“One of the most exciting things with this collaboration is the interdisciplinary collaboration between biologists, clinical scientists and phycisists”, says Kalle Mamberg, who holds a Visiting Professor position at the Karolinska Institute.
The key challenge is to identify the right cells for the job of eliminating tumor cells. Onfelt Lab has developed a microchip screening platform with 30.000 wells measuring 22x22micrometer. The confined area and multiple wells allows visualization and quantification of multiple, serial interactions using advanced confocal microscopy. It holds potential to identify subpopulations of cells with increased killing capacity.



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