International Women's day, March 8th 2018: The Challenges women face in pursuing a career in STEM (science/ technology/ engineering/ mathematics)

Guro E. Lind (photo: Terje Heiestad)
Guro E. Lind (photo: Terje Heiestad)
Global Engage has interviewed Guro E. Lind, group leader at the Department of Molecular Oncology.
"In order to achieve gender balance we should focus on why the system is failing recruiting the brilliant young female scientists, rather than discuss what the females should do to increase their chances of a scientific career. It is nothing wrong with our education, skill set or ambitions - it is the system that is flawed"    

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Link to the interview with Guro E. Lind form Global Engage:
The Challenges Women Face in Pursuing a Career in STEM

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