Maria Torgersen receives a grant of 8.5 million NOK from NANO2021

Maria Torgersen
Maria Torgersen

Maria Torgersen, researcher in the group of Kirsten Sandvig in Department of Molecular Cell Biology, is presently working in NANOCAN, the national competence building project of nanomedicine including 10 research groups in Norway. Maria has now received a grant of 8.5 million NOK from The research Council of Norway (NANO2021 program) to continue her work with studies of the importance of autophagy in cellular responses to uptake of nanoparticles. The project is entitled “nanoAUTOPHAGY – health implications of nanoparticle-induced changes in autophagy”. The grant includes salary for 4 years for Maria and 3 years for a PhD student. There were 61 applicants, of which two (including Maria) obtained the highest possible rate.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NANO2021) is the Research Council of Norway’s large-scale programme for research on nanotechnology, microtechnology and advanced materials, and will run from 2012 to 2021.


From the home page of the Research Council of Norway:
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