Institute Seminar Wednesday 19th of October

Elin Kure
Elin Kure

The next Institute Seminar will take place Wednesday 19th of October at 12:00 in the auditorium, with the following speaker:
Professor Elin H. Kure – Department of Cancer Genetics

Title of her talk: Molecular Analysis of Pancreatic and Periampullary Adeocarcinoma


In Norway, each year 700+ individuals are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (PC). Mean survival is only 6-8 months for the majority of patients with inoperable, i.e. locally advanced or metastatic PC, who are treated with palliative chemotherapy. There is thus an urgent need for biomarkers from blood or tumor samples that allow prediction of treatment response and improved preoperative staging.

In 2008, we established a PC biobank which holds tumor tissues, normal pancreatic tissue, and blood samples (EDTA blood, serum, plasma and PAX). Linked to the biosamples are comprehensive clinical data. Since then, we have performed molecular studies on samples from the biobank and identified molecular signatures of RNA and genome-wide copy number aberrations as potential prognostic markers. In a collaborative study on exosomes we identified proteins that have the potential to predict survival and the risk and site of tumor metastasis.



Elin H. Kure's group: Translational studies with a special focus on pancreatic cancer

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