Innovation projects funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society and Research Council

Alicia Llorente
Alicia Llorente

Before Christmas The Norwegian Cancer Society and the Norwegian Research Council distributed 56 million NOK to various innovation projects. These projects will develop products cancer patients are in need of. TTOs (Technololgy Transition Offices) and Inven2 are project leaders for most, and many of the researchers are affiliated to OUS.
One of the supported projects is led by Alicia Llorente from Kirsten Sandvig's group at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research.
The Norwegian Cancer Society has written an article about her project (in Norwegian).


Articles from the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian):

About the 56 mill NOK to innovation projects:
Lovende kreftforskning raskere ut til pasientene ("Promising cancer research faster out to patients")

About the project led by Alicia Llorente:
Oppdager kreft i urinprøver ("Reveals cancer in urinary samples")

Alicia Llorente's project group - Exosomes and Prostate Cancer

Alicia Llorente's publications

Home page of Kirsten Sandvig's group

Department of Molecular Cell Biology



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