Sandvig received INNO INDIGO grant for work with biodegradable nanoparticles

Kirsten Sandvig recently received a new grant for work with biodegradable nanoparticles. Sandvig is heading the national competence building project in nanomedicine entitled “Biodegradable Nanoparticles in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”. She has now received a grant through INNO INDIGO which is an innovation-driven initiative for the development and integration of Indian and European research.
The goal of the new project is to develop biodegradable nanoparticles for cancer therapy (breast and colorectal). The work in Oslo will include testing of the nanoparticles on cells and in animal models, in close collaboration with Gunhild Mælandsmo, Kjersti Flatmark and Tore Skotland. The nanoparticles will be produced by groups in India and Belgium; the group in Belgium will also perform in vivo studies.

The group in Belgium is headed by Professor Véronique Preat at the Louvain Drug Research Institute, Brussels. She has published more than 200 articles in the field; link to her department:

The group in India is headed by Assistant Professor Juotsnendu Giri at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. He took his PhD in 2006 and returned to India two years ago after 7 years in very good laboratories in US resulting in several very good publications. Link to his homepage:

This collaboration means that the Sandvig group together with Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research will start new collaborations with two excellent research groups, get access to new interesting biodegradable nanoparticles, and get a postdoc position to study these particles.


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