Institute seminar Wednesday on the 3rd of June at 12:00 Cathinka Halle Julin

C.H. Julin
C.H. Julin

The next Institute Seminar takes place on Wednesday the 3rd of June at 12:00 in the auditorium, with the following speaker:
Cathinka Halle Julin from the Department of Radiation Biology
Title: Combining genomics with MR imaging to improve radiation treatment of cervical cancer

Our research group works with finding molecular markers of radiotherapy resistance. To translate genomics into the clinic, it might be beneficial to combine it with imaging, which already is an important part of the treatment planning. This talk will show how to use the complementary information we get from functional imaging and gene expression of cervical cancer to:

  • Improve dose planning in radiation treatment
  • Develop a genomic test for predicting hypoxia
  • Examine DNA methylation to understand the aggressive phenotype of hypoxia


Cathinka Halle Julin's mini CV and publications

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Institute seminar organizers:

Stine H. KresseTrevor Clancy and Mads H. Haugen
(Dept. of Tumor Biology and Immunology)

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