Article from the Wiedlocha group on endocytosis regulation published in Oncogene

Beata Nadratowska-Wesoloska, first author
Beata Nadratowska-Wesoloska, first author

FGFR1 (fibroblast growth factor receptor 1) regulates many key cellular responses including proliferation, migration and differentiation through activation of signaling pathways. Irregularities in FGFR1 signaling have been implicated in several pathological conditions, including human cancer.
Beata Nadratowska-Wesoloska (photo) and colleagues from Antoni Wiedlocha’s group at the Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Cancer Research described a novel regulatory mechanism whereby activated RSK2 (p90 ribosomal S6 kinase2) directly interacts with and phosphorylates FGFR1, thereby modulating signaling through regulation of endocytosis. The findings has recently been published in Oncogene (journal impact factor 7.36).


RSK2 regulates endocytosis of FGF receptor 1 by phosphorylation on serine 789.
Nadratowska-Wesolowska B, Haugsten EM, Zakrzewska M, Jakimowicz P, Zhen Y, Pajdzik D, Wesche J, Wiedlocha A.
Oncogene. 2013 Oct 21

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Nuclear translocation and intracrine signaling of FGFs

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