Kavaliauskiene and co-workers publish "Cell density induced changes in lipid composition and intracellular trafficking"

S. Kavaliauskiene
S. Kavaliauskiene

Cell density is an important factor when studying cells that are grown in culture. However, little is known about the molecular changes which occur during cell growth and how cellular responses are then modulated. Kavaliauskiene and co-workers - Sandvig group and experts on mass spectroscopy analysis in Finland - now publish changes in the lipidome during cell growth, by quantifying 308 lipid species from 17 different lipid classes. The data provide novel information on how lipid composition changes during cell growth and how these changes can modulate intracellular trafficking such as the retrograde transport of Shiga toxin. The study was recently published in "Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences" (impact 5.6).


Cell density-induced changes in lipid composition and intracellular trafficking.
Kavaliauskiene S, Nymark CM, Bergan J, Simm R, Sylvänne T, Simolin H, Ekroos K, Skotland T, Sandvig K.
Cell Mol Life Sci. 2013 Aug 7.

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