Oslo University Hospital research seminar May 8th Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Treat HIV and Cancer

Time: Tuesday, May 8th 2012, at 14.30-16.00.
Place: Red Auditorium, Rikshospitalet, Sognsvannsveien 20, Oslo.


14.30-15.00: "Cancer vaccination with telomerase peptides" by Jon Amund Kyte, Department of Oncology, OUS-Radiumhospitalet.

15.00-15.30: "Therapeutic DNA vaccines to cure cancer. Taking promising preclinical data into clinical trials" by Agnete Brunsvik Fredriksen, CSO Vaccibody AS, and Institute for Immunology, OUS-Rikshospitalet.

15.30-16.00: "Alternative treatment strategies of HIV" by Dag Kvale, Professor, Head of research, Division of Medicine and Department of Infectious Diseases, OUS-Ullevål.

Meeting’s chairpersons:
June Helen Myklebust, Section for Immunology, Institute for Cancer Research, OUS Radiumhospitalet and
Alexandre Corthay, Centre for Immune Regulation, Department of Immunology, OUS Rikshospitalet.

Meeting announcements and information:

Everybody is welcome!

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