Annoncement: Meeting 21-22 March on "Carcinoma in situ of the breast"

OSBREAC meeting - Oslo Breast Cancer Research Consortium:

Carcinoma in situ of the breast

State of the art and challenges

21-22 March, Norwegian Radium Hospital, Forskningsbygget, seminar rooms 1-2

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Monday 21 March
 OUS Radiumhospitalet, Forskningsbygget, seminar rooms 1‐2:
9.15‐10.15Laszlo Tabar: Heterogeneity of in situ carcinoma. Classification of in situ subtypes based on imaging appearance. New aspects on terminology and implications for treatment and research
10.15‐10.30Ragnhild Falk: Incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ in Norway
10.45‐11.15Giske Ursin: Mammographic density and breast cancer risk
11.15‐11.30Solveig Hofvind: Risk factors for benign lesions, in situ carcinoma and invasive breast cancer in women participating in the NBCSP
11.30‐12.15Lars Akslen Pathology of carcinoma in situ of the breast
12.15‐12.30Vilde Haakensen: The biology underlying mammographic density
12.30‐13‐30Lunch (food to be purchased, cafeteria accepts only credit cards)
13.30‐15.00Laszlo Tabar: Multimodality approach to the diagnosis of breast diseases Multimodality approach to screening for breast cancer
15.15‐15.45Fredrik Wärnberg: DCIS, prognosis and risk for invasive cancer
15.45‐16.00Therese Sørlie: Molecular diversity in carcinomas in situ of the breast
16.00‐16.30Vessela Kristensen: Genetics and epigenetics of carcinomas in situ of the breast
16.30‐17.00Hege Russnes: Heterogeneity in DCIS; is it of importance, and how can it be studied?
17.00‐17.15Solveig Hofvind and Anne‐Lise Børresen‐Dale: Concluding remarks and future goals
Tuesday 22 March
  Norwegian Cancer Registry:
09.00‐10.30Laszlo Tabar: A New Era in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer 30‐year experience with mammography screening

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