Institute seminar Wednesday November 15th Jørgen Wesche

Jrgen Wesche

The institute seminar on Wednesday November 15th is given by Jørgen Wesche from the Department of Biochemistry.

Title of his talk: Identification of new molecules involved in cell migration

The seminar takes place in the Auditorium (New Research Building Montebello) and starts at 12:00.


Identification of new molecules involved in cell migration
Jørgen Wesche from the Department of Biochemistry

The ability to migrate is an important function for many cells. However, cancer cell migration can transform a localized benign tumor to a metastatic and deadly cancer. In the process of metastasis, individual cells detach from the primary tumor and start to migrate to invade either nearby tissue or to enter lymphatic vessels or the bloodstream and then colonize in distant organs.

The aim of our research group is to identify new proteins involved in cancer cell migration to provide new targets for drug intervention in metastatic cancers. We have identified new molecules involved in cell migration by siRNA screening. We have used several assays to validate the involvement of the candidate genes in cell migration and functional studies have been performed to reveal how the identified proteins participate in cell migration.

A deeper understanding of the process of cell migration may lead to new therapeutic strategies for the inhibition of tumor cell invasion.


Jørgen Wesche's project group - Cancer cell migration and metastasis

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