New book on RNA edited by Mouldy Sioud due to be published

Mouldy Sioud
Mouldy Sioud

Mouldy Sioud from Department of Immunology at the Institute for Cancer Research is the editor of a new book on RNA entitled "RNA Therapeutics", with the subtitle "Function, Design, and Delivery". The book is include in the series "Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 629" and is due to be published on June 29 2010.

In RNA Therapeutics: Function, Design, and Delivery, expert contributors from a broad spectrum of scientific backgrounds highlight the roles that messenger RNAs and small RNAs can play in biology and medicine.

While covering the five major RNA-based drugs, namely the use of ribozymes to cleave and/or correct mRNA transcript, the use of siRNA for gene silencing, the use of aptamers, like short RNA molecules, for neutralizing protein functions, the use mRNA-transfected DCs to activate immune system against tumors, and the use of RNA to reprogram T and/or DC cell function. In addition, the book contains several excellent reviews with illustrations for teaching purposes.


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