Øyvind S. Bruland author chapter on radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases

.S. Bruland
.S. Bruland

Øyvind S. Bruland, Professor of Clinical Oncology at the Institutute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo and The Norwegian Radium Hospital has written a chapter entitled "Radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases" in the new "Handbook of Cancer-related Bone Disease.

Co-author is Professor Oliver Sartor, Tulane University, USA and the chapter reviews experiences with bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals aimed for pain palliations, combinations with chemotherapy or bisphosphonates, as well as discusses the potentials new generation substances under clinical development.

This handbook of 2010 compiles a clear summary of clinically relevant information with recommendations for treatment of cancer-related bone disease and puts a multidisciplinary approach at centre stage.


Information on the book with its contents and preface, contributors and a pdf of a chapter on "Radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases": Handbook of Cancer-Related Bone Disease (PDF)

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