Institute Seminars at the Institute for Cancer Research Spring 2017



Speaker and Title
15.02.2017 Tumour Biology Bylgja Hilmarsdottir
“Cellular processes during breast morphogenesis and EMT: an approach from 3D culture”
22.02.2017 Core  Facility Tord Hompland
“Core Facility for preclinical imaging (MRI and IVIS). What services can we offer?
01.03.2017 Cancer Immunology Jillian Wise
“Discovery of recurrent mutations associated with chemo-immunotherapy relapse in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma” 
08.03.2017 Molecular Oncology Edward Leithe
“The NEDD4 family of E3 ubiquitin ligases in cell communication and cancer”
15.03.2017 Cancer Genetics Jens Henrik Norum
29.03.2017 Cancer Registry Nathalie Støer og Edoardo Botteri
"Pharmacoepidemiology in Norway: the example of menopausal hormone therapy and cancer risk"
19.04.2017 Molecular Cell Biology Kay Oliver Schink
“Phosphoinositides in control of macropinosome formation“
03.05.2017 Radiation Biology Pål Kristian Selbo
”Photochemical Strategies Enhancing the Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapies”
24.05.2017 Immune Therapy Gunnar Kvalheim
“Cellular based Immune Therapy – Clinical experiences and future development”
07.06.2017 Open slot   
14.06.2017 ICR  Harald Alfred Stenmark


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