Article from Andreas Brechs project group on the cover of "Histochemistry and Cell Biology"

C.S. Wegner
C.S. Wegner

PhD student Catherine Sem Wegner (photo) and her colleagues in Andreas Brechs project group at Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Cancer Research, have recently published an article that was selected for the cover of "Histochemistry and Cell Biology".

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The article is a confocal and electron microscopic characterisation of giant endosomes that are induced by a mutant form of the small GTPase Rab5, a well-known regulator of endocytic trafficking. As shown on the cover, many of the giant endosomes contain numerous intraluminal vesicles and therefore correspond to multivesicular endosomes, which play a special role in downregulation of growth factor receptors.


Ultrastructural characterization of giant endosomes induced by GTPase-deficient Rab5.
Wegener CS, Malerød L, Pedersen NM, Prodiga C, Bakke O, Stenmark H, Brech A.
Histochem Cell Biol. 2010 Jan;133(1):41-55. Epub 2009 Oct 15.

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