Inflammation and Vascular Biology

Publications 2021

Christopoulos PF, Gjølberg TT, Krüger S, Haraldsen G, Andersen JT, Sundlisæter E (2021)
Targeting the Notch Signaling Pathway in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
Front Immunol, 12, 668207
DOI 10.3389/fimmu.2021.668207, PubMed 33912195

Fjær R, Marciniak K, Sundnes O, Hjorthaug H, Sheng Y, Hammarström C, Sitek JC, Vigeland MD, Backe PH, Øye AM, Fosse JH, Stav-Noraas TE, Uchiyama Y, Matsumoto N, Comi A, Pevsner J, Haraldsen G, Selmer KK (2021)
A novel somatic mutation in GNB2 provides new insights to the pathogenesis of Sturge-Weber syndrome
Hum Mol Genet, 30 (21), 1919-1931
DOI 10.1093/hmg/ddab144, PubMed 34124757

Fosse JH, Haraldsen G, Falk K, Edelmann R (2021)
Endothelial Cells in Emerging Viral Infections
Front Cardiovasc Med, 8, 619690
DOI 10.3389/fcvm.2021.619690, PubMed 33718448

Gatti F, Mia S, Hammarström C, Frerker N, Fosby B, Wang J, Pietka W, Sundnes O, Hol J, Kasprzycka M, Haraldsen G (2021)
Nuclear IL-33 restrains the early conversion of fibroblasts to an extracellular matrix-secreting phenotype
Sci Rep, 11 (1), 108
DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-80509-5, PubMed 33420328

Li G, Kolan SS, Guo S, Marciniak K, Kolan P, Malachin G, Grimolizzi F, Haraldsen G, Skålhegg BS (2021)
Activated, Pro-Inflammatory Th1, Th17, and Memory CD4+ T Cells and B Cells Are Involved in Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity Arthritis (DTHA) Inflammation and Paw Swelling in Mice
Front Immunol, 12, 689057
DOI 10.3389/fimmu.2021.689057, PubMed 34408746

Lossius AH, Sundnes O, Ingham AC, Edslev SM, Bjørnholt JV, Lilje B, Bradley M, Asad S, Haraldsen G, Skytt-Andersen P, Holm JØ, Berents TL (2021)
Shifts in the Skin Microbiota after UVB Treatment in Adult Atopic Dermatitis
Dermatology, 238 (1), 109-120
DOI 10.1159/000515236, PubMed 33887725

Sundnes O, Ottestad W, Schjalm C, Lundbäck P, la Cour Poulsen L, Mollnes TE, Haraldsen G, Eken T (2021)
Rapid systemic surge of IL-33 after severe human trauma: a prospective observational study
Mol Med, 27 (1), 29
DOI 10.1186/s10020-021-00288-1, PubMed 33771098

Wik JA, Phung D, Kolan S, Haraldsen G, Skålhegg BS, Hol Fosse J (2021)
Inflammatory activation of endothelial cells increases glycolysis and oxygen consumption despite inhibiting cell proliferation
FEBS Open Bio, 11 (6), 1719-1730
DOI 10.1002/2211-5463.13174, PubMed 33979025

Publications 2020

Lossius AH, Berents TL, Saetre F, Nilsen HR, Bradley M, Asad S, Haraldsen G, Sundnes O, Holm JØ (2020)
Early transcriptional changes after UVB treatment in atopic dermatitis include inverse regulation of IL-36γ and IL-37
Exp Dermatol, 30 (2), 249-261
DOI 10.1111/exd.14217, PubMed 33067891

Lu Y, Basatemur G, Scott IC, Chiarugi D, Clement M, Harrison J, Jugdaohsingh R, Yu X, Newland SA, Jolin HE, Li X, Chen X, Szymanska M, Haraldsen G, Palmer G, Fallon PG, Cohen ES, McKenzie ANJ, Mallat Z (2020)
Interleukin-33 Signaling Controls the Development of Iron-Recycling Macrophages
Immunity, 52 (5), 782-793.e5
DOI 10.1016/j.immuni.2020.03.006, PubMed 32272082

Pietka W, Sundnes O, Hammarström C, Zucknick M, Khnykin D, Haraldsen G (2020)
Lack of interleukin-33 and its receptor does not prevent calcipotriol-induced atopic dermatitis-like inflammation in mice
Sci Rep, 10 (1), 6451
DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-63410-z, PubMed 32296080

Pihlstrøm HK, Ueland T, Michelsen AE, Aukrust P, Gatti F, Hammarström C, Kasprzycka M, Wang J, Haraldsen G, Mjøen G, Dahle DO, Midtvedt K, Eide IA, Hartmann A, Holdaas H (2020)
Exploring the potential effect of paricalcitol on markers of inflammation in de novo renal transplant recipients
PLoS One, 15 (12), e0243759
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0243759, PubMed 33326471

Wik JA, Lundbäck P, la Cour Poulsen L, Haraldsen G, Skålhegg BS, Hol J (2020)
3PO inhibits inflammatory NFκB and stress-activated kinase signaling in primary human endothelial cells independently of its target PFKFB3
PLoS One, 15 (3), e0229395
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0229395, PubMed 32130250

Publications 2019

Ottestad W, Rognes IN, Skaga E, Frisvoll C, Haraldsen G, Eken T, Lundbäck P (2019)
HMGB1 concentration measurements in trauma patients: assessment of pre-analytical conditions and sample material
Mol Med, 26 (1), 5
DOI 10.1186/s10020-019-0131-0, PubMed 31892315

Publications 2018

Pietka W, Khnykin D, Bertelsen V, Lossius AH, Stav-Noraas TE, Hol Fosse J, Galtung HK, Haraldsen G, Sundnes O (2018)
Hypo-osmotic Stress Drives IL-33 Production in Human Keratinocytes-An Epidermal Homeostatic Response
J Invest Dermatol, 139 (1), 81-90
DOI 10.1016/j.jid.2018.07.023, PubMed 30120934

Poulsen LC, Edelmann RJ, Krüger S, Diéguez-Hurtado R, Shah A, Stav-Noraas TE, Renzi A, Szymanska M, Wang J, Ehling M, Benedito R, Kasprzycka M, Bækkevold E, Sundnes O, Midwood KS, Scott H, Collas P, Siebel CW, Adams RH, Haraldsen G, Sundlisæter E, Hol J (2018)
Inhibition of Endothelial NOTCH1 Signaling Attenuates Inflammation by Reducing Cytokine-Mediated Histone Acetylation at Inflammatory Enhancers
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 38 (4), 854-869
DOI 10.1161/ATVBAHA.117.310388, PubMed 29449332

Publications 2017

Pihlstrøm HK, Gatti F, Hammarström C, Eide IA, Kasprzycka M, Wang J, Haraldsen G, Svensson MHS, Midtvedt K, Mjøen G, Dahle DO, Hartmann A, Holdaas H (2017)
Early introduction of oral paricalcitol in renal transplant recipients. An open-label randomized study
Transpl Int, 30 (8), 827-840
DOI 10.1111/tri.12973, PubMed 28436117

Stav-Noraas TE, Edelmann RJ, Poulsen LC, Sundnes O, Phung D, Küchler AM, Müller F, Kamen AA, Haraldsen G, Kaarbø M, Hol J (2017)
Endothelial IL-33 Expression Is Augmented by Adenoviral Activation of the DNA Damage Machinery
J Immunol, 198 (8), 3318-3325
DOI 10.4049/jimmunol.1600054, PubMed 28258201

Publications 2016

Cantelmo AR, Conradi LC, Brajic A, Goveia J, Kalucka J, Pircher A, Chaturvedi P, Hol J, Thienpont B, Teuwen LA, Schoors S, Boeckx B, Vriens J, Kuchnio A, Veys K, Cruys B, Finotto L, Treps L, Stav-Noraas TE, Bifari F, Stapor P, Decimo I, Kampen K, De Bock K, Haraldsen G et al. (2016)
Inhibition of the Glycolytic Activator PFKFB3 in Endothelium Induces Tumor Vessel Normalization, Impairs Metastasis, and Improves Chemotherapy
Cancer Cell, 30 (6), 968-985
DOI 10.1016/j.ccell.2016.10.006, PubMed 27866851

Gundersen MD, Goll R, Hol J, Olsen T, Rismo R, Sørbye SW, Sundnes O, Haraldsen G, Florholmen J (2016)
Loss of interleukin 33 expression in colonic crypts - a potential marker for disease remission in ulcerative colitis
Sci Rep, 6, 35403
DOI 10.1038/srep35403, PubMed 27748438

Jahnsen FL, Johansen FE, Haraldsen G (2016)
Obituary - In Memoriam Per Brandtzaeg
Scand J Immunol, 84 (6), 370-372
DOI 10.1111/sji.12505, PubMed 28025869

Lorvik KB, Hammarström C, Fauskanger M, Haabeth OA, Zangani M, Haraldsen G, Bogen B, Corthay A (2016)
Adoptive Transfer of Tumor-Specific Th2 Cells Eradicates Tumors by Triggering an In Situ Inflammatory Immune Response
Cancer Res, 76 (23), 6864-6876
DOI 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-16-1219, PubMed 27634753

Pihlstrøm HK, Mjøen G, Mucha S, Haraldsen G, Franke A, Jardine A, Fellström B, Holdaas H, Melum E (2016)
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Long-Term Clinical Outcome in Renal Transplant Patients: A Validation Study
Am J Transplant, 17 (2), 528-533
DOI 10.1111/ajt.13995, PubMed 27483393

Publications 2015

Kasprzycka M, Hammarström C, Haraldsen G (2015)
Tenascins in fibrotic disorders-from bench to bedside
Cell Adh Migr, 9 (1-2), 83-9
DOI 10.4161/19336918.2014.994901, PubMed 25793575

Øynebråten I, Barois N, Bergeland T, Küchler AM, Bakke O, Haraldsen G (2015)
Oligomerized, filamentous surface presentation of RANTES/CCL5 on vascular endothelial cells
Sci Rep, 5, 9261
DOI 10.1038/srep09261, PubMed 25791723

Schrumpf E, Tan C, Karlsen TH, Sponheim J, Björkström NK, Sundnes O, Alfsnes K, Kaser A, Jefferson DM, Ueno Y, Eide TJ, Haraldsen G, Zeissig S, Exley MA, Blumberg RS, Melum E (2015)
The biliary epithelium presents antigens to and activates natural killer T cells
Hepatology, 62 (4), 1249-59
DOI 10.1002/hep.27840, PubMed 25855031

Sundnes O, Pietka W, Loos T, Sponheim J, Rankin AL, Pflanz S, Bertelsen V, Sitek JC, Hol J, Haraldsen G, Khnykin D (2015)
Epidermal Expression and Regulation of Interleukin-33 during Homeostasis and Inflammation: Strong Species Differences
J Invest Dermatol, 135 (7), 1771-1780
DOI 10.1038/jid.2015.85, PubMed 25739051

Publications 2014

Pandya AD, Leergaard TB, Dissen E, Haraldsen G, Spurkland A (2014)
Expression of the T cell-specific adapter protein in human tissues
Scand J Immunol, 80 (3), 169-79
DOI 10.1111/sji.12199, PubMed 24910151

Skårn M, Noordhuis P, Wang MY, Veuger M, Kresse SH, Egeland EV, Micci F, Namløs HM, Håkelien AM, Olafsrud SM, Lorenz S, Haraldsen G, Kvalheim G, Meza-Zepeda LA, Myklebost O (2014)
Generation and characterization of an immortalized human mesenchymal stromal cell line
Stem Cells Dev, 23 (19), 2377-89
DOI 10.1089/scd.2013.0599, PubMed 24857590

Tveita AA, Schjesvold FH, Sundnes O, Haabeth OA, Haraldsen G, Bogen B (2014)
Indirect CD4+ T-cell-mediated elimination of MHC II(NEG) tumor cells is spatially restricted and fails to prevent escape of antigen-negative cells
Eur J Immunol, 44 (9), 2625-37
DOI 10.1002/eji.201444659, PubMed 24846412

Publications 2012

Hol J, Otterdal K, Breland UM, Stang E, Pedersen TM, Hagelsteen K, Ranheim T, Kasprzycka M, Halvorsen B, Haraldsen G, Aukrust P (2012)
Statins affect the presentation of endothelial chemokines by targeting to multivesicular bodies
PLoS One, 7 (7), e40673
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0040673, PubMed 22815786

Pollheimer J, Bodin J, Sundnes O, Edelmann RJ, Skånland SS, Sponheim J, Brox MJ, Sundlisaeter E, Loos T, Vatn M, Kasprzycka M, Wang J, Küchler AM, Taskén K, Haraldsen G, Hol J (2012)
Interleukin-33 drives a proinflammatory endothelial activation that selectively targets nonquiescent cells
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 33 (2), e47-55
DOI 10.1161/ATVBAHA.112.253427, PubMed 23162017

Sundlisaeter E, Edelmann RJ, Hol J, Sponheim J, Küchler AM, Weiss M, Udalova IA, Midwood KS, Kasprzycka M, Haraldsen G (2012)
The alarmin IL-33 is a notch target in quiescent endothelial cells
Am J Pathol, 181 (3), 1099-111
DOI 10.1016/j.ajpath.2012.06.003, PubMed 22809957

Publications 2011

Haabeth OA, Lorvik KB, Hammarström C, Donaldson IM, Haraldsen G, Bogen B, Corthay A (2011)
Inflammation driven by tumour-specific Th1 cells protects against B-cell cancer
Nat Commun, 2, 240
DOI 10.1038/ncomms1239, PubMed 21407206

Pollheimer J, Haslinger P, Fock V, Prast J, Saleh L, Biadasiewicz K, Jetne-Edelmann R, Haraldsen G, Haider S, Hirtenlehner-Ferber K, Knöfler M (2011)
Endostatin suppresses IGF-II-mediated signaling and invasion of human extravillous trophoblasts
Endocrinology, 152 (11), 4431-42
DOI 10.1210/en.2011-1196, PubMed 21933871

Publications 2010

Mikalsen B, Fosby B, Wang J, Hammarström C, Bjaerke H, Lundström M, Kasprzycka M, Scott H, Line PD, Haraldsen G (2010)
Genome-wide transcription profile of endothelial cells after cardiac transplantation in the rat
Am J Transplant, 10 (7), 1534-44
DOI 10.1111/j.1600-6143.2010.03157.x, PubMed 20642680

Sponheim J, Pollheimer J, Olsen T, Balogh J, Hammarström C, Loos T, Kasprzycka M, Sørensen DR, Nilsen HR, Küchler AM, Vatn MH, Haraldsen G (2010)
Inflammatory bowel disease-associated interleukin-33 is preferentially expressed in ulceration-associated myofibroblasts
Am J Pathol, 177 (6), 2804-15
DOI 10.2353/ajpath.2010.100378, PubMed 21037074

Publications 2009

Etokebe GE, Küchler AM, Haraldsen G, Landin M, Osmundsen H, Dembic Z (2009)
Family-with-sequence-similarity-46, member A (Fam46a) gene is expressed in developing tooth buds
Arch Oral Biol, 54 (11), 1002-7
DOI 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2009.08.005, PubMed 19740458

Haraldsen G, Balogh J, Pollheimer J, Sponheim J, Küchler AM (2009)
Interleukin-33 - cytokine of dual function or novel alarmin?
Trends Immunol, 30 (5), 227-33
DOI 10.1016/, PubMed 19359217

Hol J, Küchler AM, Johansen FE, Dalhus B, Haraldsen G, Oynebråten I (2009)
Molecular requirements for sorting of the chemokine interleukin-8/CXCL8 to endothelial Weibel-Palade bodies
J Biol Chem, 284 (35), 23532-9
DOI 10.1074/jbc.M900874200, PubMed 19578117

Hol J, Wilhelmsen L, Haraldsen G (2009)
The murine IL-8 homologues KC, MIP-2, and LIX are found in endothelial cytoplasmic granules but not in Weibel-Palade bodies
J Leukoc Biol, 87 (3), 501-8
DOI 10.1189/jlb.0809532, PubMed 20007247

Norrmén C, Vandevelde W, Ny A, Saharinen P, Gentile M, Haraldsen G, Puolakkainen P, Lukanidin E, Dewerchin M, Alitalo K, Petrova TV (2009)
Liprin (beta)1 is highly expressed in lymphatic vasculature and is important for lymphatic vessel integrity
Blood, 115 (4), 906-9
DOI 10.1182/blood-2009-03-212274, PubMed 19965622

Publications 2008

Breland UM, Halvorsen B, Hol J, Øie E, Paulsson-Berne G, Yndestad A, Smith C, Otterdal K, Hedin U, Waehre T, Sandberg WJ, Frøland SS, Haraldsen G, Gullestad L, Damås JK, Hansson GK, Aukrust P (2008)
A potential role of the CXC chemokine GROalpha in atherosclerosis and plaque destabilization: downregulatory effects of statins
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 28 (5), 1005-11
DOI 10.1161/ATVBAHA.108.162305, PubMed 18276907

Küchler AM, Pollheimer J, Balogh J, Sponheim J, Manley L, Sorensen DR, De Angelis PM, Scott H, Haraldsen G (2008)
Nuclear interleukin-33 is generally expressed in resting endothelium but rapidly lost upon angiogenic or proinflammatory activation
Am J Pathol, 173 (4), 1229-42
DOI 10.2353/ajpath.2008.080014, PubMed 18787100

Saethre M, Schneider MK, Lambris JD, Magotti P, Haraldsen G, Seebach JD, Mollnes TE (2008)
Cytokine secretion depends on Galalpha(1,3)Gal expression in a pig-to-human whole blood model
J Immunol, 180 (9), 6346-53
DOI 10.4049/jimmunol.180.9.6346, PubMed 18424758

Publications 2007

Skovseth DK, Küchler AM, Haraldsen G (2007)
The HUVEC/Matrigel assay: an in vivo assay of human angiogenesis suitable for drug validation
Methods Mol Biol, 360, 253-68
DOI 10.1385/1-59745-165-7:253, PubMed 17172733

Publications 2006

Haraldsen G, Rot A (2006)
Coy decoy with a new ploy: interceptor controls the levels of homeostatic chemokines
Eur J Immunol, 36 (7), 1659-61
DOI 10.1002/eji.200636327, PubMed 16791884

Saethre M, Lea T, Borgen MS, Fiane AE, Michaelsen TE, Thorsby E, Haraldsen G, Mollnes TE (2006)
Human complement-activating immunoglobulin (Ig)G3 antibodies are essential for porcine endothelial cell activation
Xenotransplantation, 13 (3), 215-23
DOI 10.1111/j.1399-3089.2006.00289.x, PubMed 16756564

Publications 2005

Baekkevold ES, Wurbel MA, Kivisäkk P, Wain CM, Power CA, Haraldsen G, Campbell JJ (2005)
A role for CCR4 in development of mature circulating cutaneous T helper memory cell populations
J Exp Med, 201 (7), 1045-51
DOI 10.1084/jem.20041059, PubMed 15795234

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Disparate lymphoid chemokine expression in mice and men: no evidence of CCL21 synthesis by human high endothelial venules
Blood, 106 (2), 444-6
DOI 10.1182/blood-2004-11-4353, PubMed 15863780

Corthay A, Skovseth DK, Lundin KU, Røsjø E, Omholt H, Hofgaard PO, Haraldsen G, Bogen B (2005)
Primary antitumor immune response mediated by CD4+ T cells
Immunity, 22 (3), 371-83
DOI 10.1016/j.immuni.2005.02.003, PubMed 15780993

Fiane AE, Ueland T, Simonsen S, Scott H, Endresen K, Gullestad L, Geiran OR, Haraldsen G, Heggelund L, Andreassen AK, Wergeland R, Frøland S, Aukrust P, Mollnes TE (2005)
Low mannose-binding lectin and increased complement activation correlate to allograft vasculopathy, ischaemia, and rejection after human heart transplantation
Eur Heart J, 26 (16), 1660-5
DOI 10.1093/eurheartj/ehi198, PubMed 15821010

Øynebråten I, Barois N, Hagelsteen K, Johansen FE, Bakke O, Haraldsen G (2005)
Characterization of a novel chemokine-containing storage granule in endothelial cells: evidence for preferential exocytosis mediated by protein kinase A and diacylglycerol
J Immunol, 175 (8), 5358-69
DOI 10.4049/jimmunol.175.8.5358, PubMed 16210642

Qiao SW, Piper J, Haraldsen G, Oynebråten I, Fleckenstein B, Molberg O, Khosla C, Sollid LM (2005)
Tissue transglutaminase-mediated formation and cleavage of histamine-gliadin complexes: biological effects and implications for celiac disease
J Immunol, 174 (3), 1657-63
DOI 10.4049/jimmunol.174.3.1657, PubMed 15661929

Publications 2004

Carlsen HS, Baekkevold ES, Morton HC, Haraldsen G, Brandtzaeg P (2004)
Monocyte-like and mature macrophages produce CXCL13 (B cell-attracting chemokine 1) in inflammatory lesions with lymphoid neogenesis
Blood, 104 (10), 3021-7
DOI 10.1182/blood-2004-02-0701, PubMed 15284119

Lacorre DA, Baekkevold ES, Garrido I, Brandtzaeg P, Haraldsen G, Amalric F, Girard JP (2004)
Plasticity of endothelial cells: rapid dedifferentiation of freshly isolated high endothelial venule endothelial cells outside the lymphoid tissue microenvironment
Blood, 103 (11), 4164-72
DOI 10.1182/blood-2003-10-3537, PubMed 14976058

Øynebråten I, Bakke O, Brandtzaeg P, Johansen FE, Haraldsen G (2004)
Rapid chemokine secretion from endothelial cells originates from 2 distinct compartments
Blood, 104 (2), 314-20
DOI 10.1182/blood-2003-08-2891, PubMed 15044249

Skovseth DK, Veuger MJ, Sorensen DR, De Angelis PM, Haraldsen G (2004)
Endostatin dramatically inhibits endothelial cell migration, vascular morphogenesis, and perivascular cell recruitment in vivo
Blood, 105 (3), 1044-51
DOI 10.1182/blood-2004-03-1164, PubMed 15466935

Publications 2003

Baekkevold ES, Roussigné M, Yamanaka T, Johansen FE, Jahnsen FL, Amalric F, Brandtzaeg P, Erard M, Haraldsen G, Girard JP (2003)
Molecular characterization of NF-HEV, a nuclear factor preferentially expressed in human high endothelial venules
Am J Pathol, 163 (1), 69-79
DOI 10.1016/S0002-9440(10)63631-0, PubMed 12819012

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Endothelial cell diversity revealed by global expression profiling
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 100 (19), 10623-8
DOI 10.1073/pnas.1434429100, PubMed 12963823

Publications 2002

Carlsen HS, Baekkevold ES, Johansen FE, Haraldsen G, Brandtzaeg P (2002)
B cell attracting chemokine 1 (CXCL13) and its receptor CXCR5 are expressed in normal and aberrant gut associated lymphoid tissue
Gut, 51 (3), 364-71
DOI 10.1136/gut.51.3.364, PubMed 12171958

Farstad IN, Malavasi F, Haraldsen G, Huitfeldt HS, Brandtzaeg P (2002)
CD38 is a marker of human lacteals
Virchows Arch, 441 (6), 605-13
DOI 10.1007/s00428-002-0679-9, PubMed 12461619

Saethre M, Sølvik UØ, Haraldsen G, Fiane AE, Boretti E, Thorsby E, Platt JL, Mollnes TE (2002)
Human serum-induced porcine endothelial cell E-selectin expression is associated with IgG3 and IgM anti-Gal antibodies
Xenotransplantation, 9 (5), 350-8
DOI 10.1034/j.1399-3089.2002.01094.x, PubMed 12199866

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Vascular morphogenesis and differentiation after adoptive transfer of human endothelial cells to immunodeficient mice
Am J Pathol, 160 (5), 1629-37
DOI 10.1016/S0002-9440(10)61110-8, PubMed 12000715

Publications 2001

Baekkevold ES, Yamanaka T, Palframan RT, Carlsen HS, Reinholt FP, von Andrian UH, Brandtzaeg P, Haraldsen G (2001)
The CCR7 ligand elc (CCL19) is transcytosed in high endothelial venules and mediates T cell recruitment
J Exp Med, 193 (9), 1105-12
DOI 10.1084/jem.193.9.1105, PubMed 11342595

Sølvik UØ, Haraldsen G, Fiane AE, Boretti E, Lambris JD, Fung M, Thorsby E, Mollnes TE (2001)
Human serum-induced expression of E-selectin on porcine aortic endothelial cells in vitro is totally complement mediated
Transplantation, 72 (12), 1967-73
DOI 10.1097/00007890-200112270-00017, PubMed 11773897

Sølvik UO, Haraldsen G, Fiane AE, Boretti E, Thorsby E, Mollnes TE (2001)
C1-inhibitor attenuates human serum induced E-selectin expression of pig aortic endothelial cells
Transplant Proc, 33 (1-2), 789-90
DOI 10.1016/s0041-1345(00)02256-9, PubMed 11267073

Publications 2000

Kunkel EJ, Campbell JJ, Haraldsen G, Pan J, Boisvert J, Roberts AI, Ebert EC, Vierra MA, Goodman SB, Genovese MC, Wardlaw AJ, Greenberg HB, Parker CM, Butcher EC, Andrew DP, Agace WW (2000)
Lymphocyte CC chemokine receptor 9 and epithelial thymus-expressed chemokine (TECK) expression distinguish the small intestinal immune compartment: Epithelial expression of tissue-specific chemokines as an organizing principle in regional immunity
J Exp Med, 192 (5), 761-8
DOI 10.1084/jem.192.5.761, PubMed 10974041

Sindre H, Haraldsen G, Beck S, Hestdal K, Kvale D, Brandtzaeg P, Degré M, Rollag H (2000)
Human intestinal endothelium shows high susceptibility to cytomegalovirus and altered expression of adhesion molecules after infection
Scand J Immunol, 51 (4), 354-60
DOI 10.1046/j.1365-3083.2000.00676.x, PubMed 10736107

Publications 1999

Baekkevold ES, Jahnsen FL, Johansen FE, Bakke O, Gaudernack G, Brandtzaeg P, Haraldsen G (1999)
Culture characterization of differentiated high endothelial venule cells from human tonsils
Lab Invest, 79 (3), 327-36
PubMed 10092069

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Regional specialization in the mucosal immune system: primed cells do not always home along the same track
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New insights into the immunopathology of human inflammatory bowel disease
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Nature, 400 (6746), 776-80
DOI 10.1038/23495, PubMed 10466728

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Heterogeneity of endothelial cells: the specialized phenotype of human high endothelial venules characterized by suppression subtractive hybridization
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DOI 10.1016/S0002-9440(10)65523-X, PubMed 10595934

Publications 1998

Brandtzaeg F, Farstad IN, Haraldsen G, Jahnsen FL (1998)
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Dev. Biols, 92, 93-108

Brandtzaeg P, Farstad IN, Haraldsen G, Jahnsen FL (1998)
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