How to manage projects – FAQ

“There is only one thing that is worse than writing the proposal: It is getting the project.”

Here you will find useful information for running an EC funded project. The focus is on running a full project with several partners where you are the coordinator. However, the FAQ may be useful for non-coordinator partners and project managers of other types of projects as well.


The FAQ does not substitute the official and legal documents in your project. Always consult your contracts and the EC original information for issues concerning legal matter, funding, costs, audits, reporting and your obligations towards the EC and the partners.

The purpose of this guide is to help you run your project efficiently, correct and timely. The FAQ will explain the requirements and logic in running and reporting EC funded project. General good project management is the core of EC projects as well as any other project. Your, the coordinator are the project manager, and you must act like one.

The FAQ is written by Asbjørn Rune Ousland at the OUS Research Support team. We will develop and maintain the FAQ list. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome to the author at

All rights to the FAQ text belongs to the author. Any use or transfer of the text outside Oslo University Hospital should be agreed with the author in advance.


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