The Research Group for Youth in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Research Group for Youth in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry" is led by researcher Anne M. Myhre.

The group's goals are related to the assessment and course of mental difficulties and conditions in adolescents. In the study "Youth-TOP" (Thematic Area Psychosis), the goal is to increase knowledge about the causes of psychosis among young people and contribute to more secure diagnostics, improved treatment options, and potential preventive measures. Another study within this research group is on deliberate self-harm in youth and early-onset psychotic disorders. Deliberate self-harm in youth is a significant public health issue. In adults, it is often associated with personality disorders. We know little about this in adolescents. Understanding underlying personality functioning will be highly beneficial for prevention and increasing the possibility of early intervention in youth. 

Additionally, the research group has a newly initiated treatment project that will examine the effect of music therapy on depressed adolescents.

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