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Publications 2017

Delbarre E, Ivanauskiene K, Spirkoski J, Shah A, Vekterud K, Moskaug JØ, Bøe SO, Wong LH, Küntziger T, Collas P (2017)
PML protein organizes heterochromatin domains where it regulates histone H3.3 deposition by ATRX/DAXX
Genome Res, 27 (6), 913-921
PubMed 28341773

Lång A, Eriksson J, Schink KO, Lång E, Blicher P, Połeć A, Brech A, Dalhus B, Bøe SO (2017)
Visualization of PML nuclear import complexes reveals FG-repeat nucleoporins at cargo retrieval sites
Nucleus, 8 (4), 404-420
PubMed 28402725

Publications 2016

Palibrk V, Suganthan R, Scheffler K, Wang W, Bjørås M, Bøe SO (2016)
PML regulates neuroprotective innate immunity and neuroblast commitment in a hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy model
Cell Death Dis, 7 (7), e2320
PubMed 27468695

Publications 2014

Palibrk V, Lång E, Lång A, Schink KO, Rowe AD, Bøe SO (2014)
Promyelocytic leukemia bodies tether to early endosomes during mitosis
Cell Cycle, 13 (11), 1749-55
PubMed 24675887

Publications 2013

Torgersen ML, Engedal N, Bøe SO, Hokland P, Simonsen A (2013)
Targeting autophagy potentiates the apoptotic effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors in t(8;21) AML cells
Blood, 122 (14), 2467-76
PubMed 23970379

Publications 2012

Lång E, Grudic A, Pankiv S, Bruserud O, Simonsen A, Bjerkvig R, Bjørås M, Bøe SO (2012)
The arsenic-based cure of acute promyelocytic leukemia promotes cytoplasmic sequestration of PML and PML/RARA through inhibition of PML body recycling
Blood, 120 (4), 847-57
PubMed 22692509

Publications 2010

Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
Autophagic degradation of an oncoprotein
Autophagy, 6 (7), 964-5
PubMed 20724820

Goplen D, Bougnaud S, Rajcevic U, Bøe SO, Skaftnesmo KO, Voges J, Enger PØ, Wang J, Tysnes BB, Laerum OD, Niclou S, Bjerkvig R (2010)
αB-crystallin is elevated in highly infiltrative apoptosis-resistant glioblastoma cells
Am J Pathol, 177 (4), 1618-28
PubMed 20813964

Isakson P, Bjørås M, Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
Autophagy contributes to therapy-induced degradation of the PML/RARA oncoprotein
Blood, 116 (13), 2324-31
PubMed 20574048

Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Bøe SO (2010)
Subcellular distribution of nuclear import-defective isoforms of the promyelocytic leukemia protein
BMC Mol Biol, 11, 89
PubMed 21092142

Publications 2009

Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Bøe SO (2009)
Cell-cycle regulation and dynamics of cytoplasmic compartments containing the promyelocytic leukemia protein and nucleoporins
J Cell Sci, 122 (Pt 8), 1201-10
PubMed 19339552

Publications 2008

Wang J, Sakariassen PØ, Tsinkalovsky O, Immervoll H, Bøe SO, Svendsen A, Prestegarden L, Røsland G, Thorsen F, Stuhr L, Molven A, Bjerkvig R, Enger PØ (2008)
CD133 negative glioma cells form tumors in nude rats and give rise to CD133 positive cells
Int J Cancer, 122 (4), 761-8
PubMed 17955491

Publications 2007

Grudic A, Jul-Larsen A, Haring SJ, Wold MS, Lønning PE, Bjerkvig R, Bøe SO (2007)
Replication protein A prevents accumulation of single-stranded telomeric DNA in cells that use alternative lengthening of telomeres
Nucleic Acids Res, 35 (21), 7267-78
PubMed 17959650

Publications 2006

Bøe SO, Haave M, Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Lønning PE (2006)
Promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies are predetermined processing sites for damaged DNA
J Cell Sci, 119 (Pt 16), 3284-95
PubMed 16868026

Publications 2004

Ersvaer E, Bertelsen LT, Espenes LC, Bredholt T, Bøe SO, Iversen BM, Bruserud Ø, Ulvestad E, Gjertsen BT (2004)
Characterization of ribosomal P autoantibodies in relation to cell destruction and autoimmune disease
Scand J Immunol, 60 (1-2), 189-98
PubMed 15238089

Jul-Larsen A, Visted T, Karlsen BO, Rinaldo CH, Bjerkvig R, Lønning PE, Bøe SO (2004)
PML-nuclear bodies accumulate DNA in response to polyomavirus BK and simian virus 40 replication
Exp Cell Res, 298 (1), 58-73
PubMed 15242762

Publications 2002

Bjørndal B, Helleland C, Bøe SO, Gudbrandsen OA, Kalland KH, Bohov P, Berge RK, Lillehaug JR (2002)
Nuclear import of factors involved in signaling is inhibited in C3H/10T1/2 cells treated with tetradecylthioacetic acid
J Lipid Res, 43 (10), 1630-40
PubMed 12364547

Cmarko D, Bøe SO, Scassellati C, Szilvay AM, Davanger S, Fu XD, Haukenes G, Kalland KH, Fakan S (2002)
Rev inhibition strongly affects intracellular distribution of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNAs
J Virol, 76 (20), 10473-84
PubMed 12239324

Publications 2000

Bøe SO, Kalland KH (2000)
Identification of a nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle which contains incompletely spliced HIV-1 RNAs
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 268 (2), 509-13
PubMed 10679235

Publications 1999

Szilvay AM, Bøe SO, Kalland KH (1999)
Co-expression of a trans-dominant negative mutant of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Rev protein affects the Rev-dependent splicing pattern and expression of HIV-1 RNAs
J Gen Virol, 80 ( Pt 8), 1965-74
PubMed 10466792

Publications 1998

Bøe SO, Bjørndal B, Røsok B, Szilvay AM, Kalland KH (1998)
Subcellular localization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNAs, Rev, and the splicing factor SC-35
Virology, 244 (2), 473-82
PubMed 9601515

Publications 1997

Szilvay AM, Brokstad KA, Bøe SO, Haukenes G, Kalland KH (1997)
Oligomerization of HIV-1 Rev mutants in the cytoplasm and during nuclear import
Virology, 235 (1), 73-81
PubMed 9300038

Publications 1995

Bøe SO, Sodroski J, Helland DE, Farnet CM (1995)
DNA end-joining in extracts from human cells
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 215 (3), 987-93
PubMed 7488071

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