Microinjection microscopy

Olympus IX83 microinjection microscope

The Olympus IX83 microinjection microscope provides expanded functionality for live cell research. The included camera software allows for a multitude of imaging techniques like live viewing, image/video capture with variable linear measurements as well as other demanding techniques such as embryo biopsy with included laser. The microscope can be easily operated via the touch panel controller and the anti-vibrating table ensures stable platform, eliminating distortions from vibrations. The current magnification ranges from 4x to 40x, with an extra 40x as the laser objective.

Microscope features:

  • Inverted microscope
  • 4x 0.1 NA PLN air objective (SP)
  • 10x 0.24 NA CPLN air objective (RC)
  • 20x 0.45 NA LUCPLFLN air objective (RC)
  • 40x 0.6 NA LUCPLFLN air objective (RC)
  • 40x air objective XYRCOS DTS (SP, laser) 
  • LED light source 
  • RC-GFP-DAPI-BF-pol20-pol40 (RC= relief phase contrast, BF = bright field)
  • Anti-vibration table

Contact Aylin Cengiz for more information about this microscope and user training.

Aylin Cengiz, PhD student

E-mail: aylin.cengiz@ibv.uio.no