What do I do, I am not used to this proposal template?

Order of sections

Your text will probably be similar within the sections. You just need to decide where to put things.

Proposal logic and the story may be a challenge:

  • If the objectives are written in the electronic form.
    • You may copy them in to the proposal text as well to get a more consistent logic story
    • Do not invent new objectives in the text that differs or are additional to the ones in the electronic form
  • If the objectives section is not at the start of the template
    • Still put the objectives at the proper place in the template
    • In the start present the vison or great idea that the objectives will fulfill
    • Refer to this idea in the objectives section

The first section: Introduction, background, concept, current knowledge, approaches etc.

Do not get confused by the different titles of this section. What is wanted is a presentation of your idea, how it relates to current knowledge and the need for a solution for somebody.

The heading or wording of this section may be very general. Do not let this mislead you into writing a long general text. Write a focused text that is very close to your idea and objectives. You do not need to tell that cancer or Alzheimer is a major problem. Everybody knows this.

In this section it may be a good idea to present the rationale for your research in the light of something you have observed or an idea based on preliminary data form your own research.


In some templates method is part of the concept or introduction section in others it is part of the work plan. Place your texts where the template says it should be.



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