How do I budget clinical trials?

If you are doing clinical trials you may budget this per unit i.e. per patient. You calculate the cost of one patient and multiply that with number of patients. The beauty of this is that you do not need to use timesheets and document cost of equipment used during the project. What you do is to calculate a unit cost before the work starts i.e, you stipulate the cost in the proposal:

  • Last year’s yearly average salary (+social costs) of doctors divided by 1780 hours worked per year = hourly rate
  • Same calculation for nurses, technicians and others
  • Multiplies hourly rate by hours need for doing the job on one patient
  • Cost of consumables, medical equipment and services for one patient

This makes the unit cost. You can now use this cost the whole project. You only need to multiply by number of patients treated.

If the same procedure or treatment is done by several partners in a project they must agree on the amount of time needed for doing the job and the kind of consumables and equipment to be used e.g number of syringes type of medical devices so that the time spent and consumables used are the same. The hourly rate and price for the consumables/equipment are calculated per partner.



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