What happens in the project and what happens after the project?

The periods in a project may be described differently by the funding sources.

The EC way is:

  • Objectives: 
    • What you will achieve in the project period
  • Implementation:
    • How you will do your project in the project period (i.e. this is not impact)
  • Results:
    • The product of your work; deliverables in the project period
  • Impact:
    • Communication: All you do to inform about and get attention to your project during the project period
    • Dissemination: How you spread the results of your project from the first results and beyond the project period
    • Exploitation and Use: Use and effect of your results from the first results and beyond the project period




  • You write the objectives for what you will do in the project
  • You write implementation for how you will organize your work and resources in the project period.
  • Impact is the only part that goes beyond the project period and where you write about what will happens post project (dissemination of results/use of results). Communications is how your increase impact in the project period.

Non – EC funding schemes:

  • Short/long time goals or objectives may mean: Short within the project period and long after the project period.
  • Implementation may include impact and go beyond the project period
  • Communication may not be used or have another meaning, not as specific as in the EC framework

Be careful and try to understand the respective definitions or uses in the different schemes. If in doubt you may define these in the best way yourself and stick to that.


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