How to write proposals – FAQ

Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for writing proposals. The main goal of the FAQ is to help you writing the proposal text. It is biased towards questions for the Horizon 2020 thematic program. However it can be used for all kinds of proposals and most of the text is general. In the future we will provide more specific questions related to different funding bodies and funding schemes.


This FAQ does not substitute templates, call texts or instructions given for the specific call you write the proposal for. Always read all information given for your call again and again. Every word and sentence in the call text will give you essential information for writing your proposal. 

Remember: You are the author. You are going to write a good, consistent story that will give you funding. From your idea to the use of your results there should be a coherent story about excellent science, its impact and the implementation of the project.

If you are writing for individual grants, national programs or other you may need to adapt some of the FAQ answerers to your scheme. But still there should be a lot of useful knowledge and inspiration for you here.

The FAQ is written by Asbjørn Rune Ousland at the OUS Research Support team. We will develop and maintain the FAQ list. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome to the author at

All rights to the FAQ text belongs to the author. Any use or transfer of the text outside Oslo University Hospital should be agreed with the author in advance.