Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Research groups and group leaders:

Abdominal transplantation imaging Neuroimaging Research Group Musculoskeletal Radiology Research Group
Jarl Å. Jakobsen
Geir Ringstad
Johan Castberg Hellund
Emergency Radiology and Abdominal Radiology Vascular diagnostics and intervention Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging
Johann Baptist Dormagen
Ylva Haig
Einar Hopp
Pediatric Radiology Research Group Head, neck and thoracic radiology Functional and Molecular Imaging
Charlotte de Lange
Heidi Beate Eggesbø
Mona-Elisabeth Revheim
  Computational Radiology & Artificial Intelligence (CRAI) Research Group  
Atle Bjørnerud

Department of Diagnostic Physics

MRI Research & Technology CT Research & Technology Quantitative Analyses and Kinetic Modelling in Nuclear Medicine
Kyrre Emblem
Head of ImTECH,
Hilde Kjernlie Andersen
Caroline Stokke

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