Pauline Due-TønnessenHead of Division
Pauline Due-Tønnessen
Head of Division

The Division of Radiology and Nuclear medicine has 12 research subgroups with research topics ranging from molecular radionuclide therapy for metastatic cancer to improved image quality using artificial intelligence-based reconstruction, and a lot more. Our research spans all imaging modalities from x-ray to nuclear medicine, and we have a special focus on artificial intelligence in many projects. Research in KRN is closely interlinked with research undertaken at the University of Oslo.  Research undertaken in KRN covers both translational research, and clinical research.  KRN has a central role in developing new diagnostic techniques and applying them for the benefit of researchers who include imaging in their projects. While we have many local and national collaborations, we also pursue international research collaborations.

The division has two core facilities 

We have eight UIO staff members both involved in research and education and our 12 research subgroup leaders are representatives of our main areas of research.

To learn more about the individual subgroups and their projects, please click on one of the research groups below.

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