Clinical Effectiveness Research

The Research Group is conducting large randomized trials and observation studies to test and compare diagnostic and therapeutic clinical interventions in different areas of clinical medicine. The overarching goal is to find out what works and what does not. More than 300,000 patients are currently enrolled in studies run by the group.

About the group
The clinical effectiveness group at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital was established in 2012 by Michael Bretthauer and Mette Kalager. The young and dynamic group performs top research in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in several clinical areas. The current portfolio of the group includes more than 300,000 patients in clinical trials. In addition, the group runs large observational studies and tests new new statistical methods in medicine.
Signature studies of the group include the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention trial NORCCAP, the Nordic-European Initiative on Colorectal Cancer NordICC, and the European Polyp Surveillance trials EPoS.