Virology Research Group

Mari KaarbøGroup leader
Mari Kaarbø
Group leader

The Virology Research Group at the Department of Microbiology (MIK), Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo (UiO) is interested in the molecular and clinical aspects of human virus infections.  We use human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV) and human cytomegalovirus (CMV) as model systems for chronic virus infections and our main focus is how these viruses affect their host cells with regard to latency, genome stability and their interaction with the immune system. Members of the group are also involved in other infectious disease projects as well as vaccine trials.

Research projects

  • Dynamic methylome regulation during HIV infection
  • Studies of HIV and CMV anti-retroviral resistance using next generation sequencing
  • Dynamic methylome regulation during CMV latency and reactivation
  • DNA repair and chromatin remodeling in CMV infection
  • Role of APOBEC deaminases during CMV infection
  • An effectiveness trial to evaluate the protection of pregnant women with a hepatitis E vaccine in Bangladesh and the risk factors for severe hepatitis E infection
  • Molecular epidemiology and genetic diversity of enteric viruses in children under 5 years with acute gastroenteritis in Norway in pre-rotavirus vaccination era
  • Burden of respiratory infection and consumption of antibiotics in Østfold, Norway

Contact information
Group Leader Mari Kaarbø, Department of Microbiology, Tel: +4723071141