The Traumatology Research Group

Group leader
Pål Aksel Næss

Oslo University Hospital – Ullevål (OUH-U) is a major Scandinavian trauma centre currently covering a population of 2.7 million. Nearly 2000 patients with trauma are admitted at OUH-U per year. Consistently, 35-40% are severely injured with an Injury Severity Score more than 15. The Traumatology Research Group aims to be involved in all aspects of research that can improve treatment of the severely injured patient, as part of both national and international research networks. The area of interest includes trauma epidemiology and prevention, effects of trauma system development and new treatment strategies, and mechanisms of trauma-induced systemic responses.

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Our main research project areas are:

  • Trauma induced coagulopathy – pathophysiology, transfusion predictors and new treatment strategies. 
  • Abdominal injuries - effects of new treatment strategies.
  • Immunological effects of contemporary management of splenic injury.
  • Trauma system development and epidemiology.
  • Real world motor vehicle collisions – incidence, mechanisms of injury and preventive measures in children and adults.