Coagulation Factors: Role in the Development of Thrombosis, Inflammation and Cancer

Benedicte StavikActing group leader
Benedicte Stavik
Acting group leader

The main goal of this research group is to identify and uncover important molecular mechanisms of coagulation proteins contributing to or preventing disease.

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The group is organized under the R&D section at the Department of Haematology but all our research is conducted at the Research Institute of Internal Medicine (RIIM). This ensures proximity to the clinic and patient material important in our research while being part of an experienced and fruitful research environment with access to stat-of-the-art laboratory equipment and technology.

In front from left: Maria Eugenia Chollet, Benedicte Stavik, Grethe Skretting, Ann Døli, Elisabeth Andersen and Marie-Christine Mowinckel. From left back: Marianne Seierstad Andersen, Christiane Filion Myklebust and Xue-Yan Cui. Photo by Kristin Ellefsen, University of Oslo