Clinical Sarcoma Research Group

Kjetil BoyeGroup leader
Kjetil Boye
Group leader

The aim of the clinical sarcoma research group is to perform clinical and translational studies to improve the management of patients with sarcoma. 

The main current interest of the group is to improve prognostic algorithms and treatment in localized sarcoma, with a focus on gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) and high-grade soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Our goal is to integrate molecular biomarkers, including state-of-the-art genomic profiling, with histopathological features and conventional clinical variables to improve prediction of recurrence risk to better inform adjuvant therapy decisions. Recent achievements include the establishment of a definition of tumor rupture in GIST and investigations on the prognostic impact of rupture, led by surgeon Toto Hølmebakk, and the development of a novel risk score in solitary fibrous tumor in collaboration with PhD student Tatiana Georgiesh and pathologist Bodil Bjerkehagen. A large project in high-grade STS is currently ongoing, integrating karytotype data and whole exome sequencing.

We are currently running two investigator-initiated clinical trials; The STOP-GIST trial (NCT02924714) and a study on sequential neoadjuvant chemotherapy in STS (NCT04776525). In addition, we participate in several international academic and commercially sponsored studies. The clinical trials are an integrated part of our clinical program, and information on open trials can be found here (text in Norwegian). 

Our group is closely associated with other sarcoma research groups at Oslo University Hospital, such as the Molecular Biology of Sarcoma Research Group (link: and the Oncological Orthopedic Research Group. We have a large network of international collaborators, and several projects are linked to the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group (link: