Research Group: Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse

Hilde Erøy EdvardsenGroup leader
Hilde Erøy Edvardsen
Group leader

Use of alcohol and drugs of abuse are risk factors for diseases, injuries and death. Alcohol and drugs are often of importance for the outcome in forensic medical cases and have significant consequences for individuals and the society.

Our aims are to develop and improve analytical methods for illicit and medicinal drugs and biological markers in different matrices, and provide more knowledge of their mechanisms of actions, effects and in relation to drug related deaths. The knowledge is applied in interpretation of cases and to improve the overall rule of law, but also to prevent drugs related injuries, overdoses and deaths, and as scientific evidence for legislation.

Contact information
Group Leader Hilde Marie Erøy Edvardsen, Section for Drug Abuse Research, Department of Forensic Medicine, Tel: +47 230 13046,  E-mail: