Research group on drugs of abuse

Vigdis Vindenes
Group leader

Alcohol and drugs of abuse are serious risk factors for disease and early death. Knowledge about drugs of abuse is required to be able to reduce the harmful effects.

The main research aims in our group are to provide more knowledge about impact of drugs of abuse and alcohol on mortality risk, acute disease and injuries, mechanisms of action and continuous improvement of analytical methods and techniques.

We combine analyses of a large number of drugs of abuse, neurotransmitters, biological markers and hormones in different biological matrices with studies in rodents, humans and registry data.

Research projects

  • Behavior effects and pharmacokinetics of heroin, methadone and new psychoactive substances in rodents
  • Outcome after drug-exposure during pregnancy in rodents
  • Interaction of heroin pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics using antibodies (“heroin-vaccine”), antagonists and enzyme modulators
  • Frequency of drugs of abuse in different populations
  • Impact of drugs of abuse and alcohol on mortality risk, acute disease and injuries
  • Involvement of alcohol and drugs of abuse in in traffic and traffic accidents, and prevalence of use in other populations
  • Death due to drug overdoses
  • Development of analytical methods for drugs of abuse, neurotransmitters, hormones, markers in different matrices

Contact information

Group Leader Vigdis Vindenes, Department of Forensic Medicine, Tel: +47 23 01 30 40, E-mail: