Welcome to research group for: Quality of Life and Health Economics

Marit H. AndersenGroup leader
Marit H. Andersen
Group leader

A multidisciplinary research group for quality of life was established at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) in 2012 aiming to be a research network and communicate methodological issues within quality of life research. In recent years the research group has been extended to also include research within health economic. Today Research group for quality of life and health economics is outgoing from Department of Transplantation at OUH. The group has varied research activities related to a wide span of research questions within different patient groups.

Measurements of quality of life and health economics allow for mapping of the impact of disease and for comparing perceived efficacy and impact of treatment. The Norwegian health authorities state that systematic collection of quality of life-data is important for improvement, research and innovation within health care. Furthermore, health economic evaluations have been recommended as important outcomes for effectiveness in the health sector. Additionally, such studies complement traditional endpoints to evaluate the significance of a treatment effect, also as seen from the patientÂ’s perspective. Thus, research within these fields can facilitate patientsÂ’ involvement in treatment decision making. In line with international standards, the focus of the group has been extended to include both a wide range of research methodology and measurement outcomes. Today about 40 researchers are joining the group with a broad range of both national and international collaborators.