Quian Peng's research group:

Photodynamic Therapy and Photodetection

Quian Peng<br>Group leader
Quian Peng
Group leader

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a two-step therapeutic technology in which the topical or systemic delivery of a tumour-localising photosensitizing drug is followed by irradiation with visible light. The light-activated photosensitizer transfers then the energy to molecular oxygen, generating reactive oxygen species that kill tumour cells. The absorbed energy of the photosensitiser can also be released via fluorescence, which can be utilized for tumour photodetection (PD). Besides PDT/PD technology this group also develops nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Research projects

  1. Photopheresis of Graft versus Host Disease and Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma
  2. Sonoactivable Nanotheragnostics for Cancer Treatment
  3. Nanoscintillator-Porphyrin Complexes for Bimodal RadioPhotoDynamic Therapy

Contact information:
Qian Peng, Dr.med., senior scientist, Department of Pathology, Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet, Montebello 0310, Oslo E-mail: Qian.Peng@rr-research.no