Welcome to the Department of Pediatric Research

The Pediatric Research Institute (PFI) was established as a joint university and hospital institute at the Rikshospitalet in 1959. In the first years, research focused on hematology; however, soon a whole range of research topics was established, including metabolic diseases, pediatric cancer, adverse effects of bilirubin, and basic research on the effect of peptides on diseases.

Runar Almaas and his colleagues from the Department of Pediatric Research
Runar Almaas and his colleagues from the Department of Pediatric Research 

Overall goals:

The PFI is committed to promote pediatric research through advanced science in combination with clinical practice. The aim is to obtain scientific knowledge for a better understanding, treatment, and prevention of pediatric diseases. To reach this goal, we intend to

  • create a research environment for researchers and clinicians in the field of pediatrics
  • provide a platform to discuss scientific achievements for clinicians and scientists from different disciplines
    advice and provide knowledge to health professionals and the general public
  • perform a variety of different relevant major research projects
    apply and develop different techniques and methods for our research
  • encourage and value practical, translational, and basic pediatric science 
  • connect and exchange our knowledge with national and international collaboration partners

... for the sake of our children 

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Pediatrisk forskningsinstitutt

Contact information:

Department of Pediatric Research
Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet

Postal address: P. O. Box 4950 Nydalen, N-0424 Oslo, Norway 

Street address: Sognsvannsveien 20, 0372 Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Phone: +47 23 07 27 90 Fax: +47 23 07 27 80, Switchboard: +47 22 93 40 00

Webmaster for PFI: lars.o.baumbusch@rr-research.no