Pain Research Group

Audun StubhaugGroup leader
Audun Stubhaug
Group leader

The Pain Research Group consists of several sub-groups working in different fields of pain research. We combine studies in pain epidemiology, experimental pain and clinical pain research. Topics of special interest are the individual difference in pain sensitivity, pain pharmacology and pain mechanisms in general, mechanisms of neuropathic pain (4), and mechanisms involved the transition from acute to chronic pain. Cardiovascular physiology is closely linked with pain, and consequently both invasive and non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring has been a field of interest for many years (eg ref 1). New research fields during the last few years are pain psychology, studies of cognitive functions and studies of pain and physical activity.

These topics are studied in a variety of models, from large community-based studies (N=20 000, The Tromsø study) and register studies to smaller clinical studies in both chronic pain and in the perioperative period and in experimental human models.  The Dept of Pain Management and Research has established a quality register and a research register, and are now collaborating with researchers in health economy in order to look a cost-benefit of treatment.

Biomarkers, in particular biomarkers of inflammation is a field of increasing interest both in large and smaller studies (Schistad et al 2017, Solheim et al 2017). We collaborate with genetecists as part of our larger size studies.

New clinical projects in the trauma patient population in collaboration with the National Trauma register has been established.

The pain research group is multidisciplinary, comprising nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and medical doctors of several specialties. We have several established research collaborations both nationally and internationally.

The research group has approximately 25 primary members (5 professors, 10 senior researchers and 10 Phd-students). Many of the participants are are part-time clinicians.

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