Department of Ophthalmology

Morten C. MoeHead of Department
Morten C. Moe
Head of Department

Department of Ophthalmology is with a total staff of 230 persons including 65 physicians, ten operating theatres and a ward of 19 beds, a large ophthalmology department even in European terms. We have a wide competence in all major fields of ophthalmology, and have three national functions (retinoblastoma, childhood glaucoma and reconstructive surgery of ocular congenital malformations), one multi-regional function (ocular brachytherapy of ocular tumours) - and various regional functions. Our main research objective is to improve current treatment and to develop new therapeutic options for selected eye disorders.

We focus on

  1. clinical research with a large patient population and an interdisciplinary staff with a wide range of expertise and
  2. translational research - clinically relevant laboratory research at Center of Eye Research (CER).

Research groups:

Centre for Eye Research

Clinical Retina Research

Eye Innovation