Neuropharmacology - Alzheimer's disease research

Lars NilssonGroup leader
Lars Nilsson
Group leader

The prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders is anticipated to increase due to an aging population. In Alzheimer’s disease, the most common age-related neurodegenerative disorder, there appears to be an imbalance in the production and clearance amyloid-β and tau leading to the accumulation of aggregates and proteinaceous deposits in brain. New genetics point to the importance of mechanisms of neuroinflammation. A better understanding of pathogenic processes resulting in neurodegeneration is crucial to the identification of viable drug targets.
New ways to predict drug-efficacy in animal models or small patient cohorts with biomarkers is also much needed.

Research projects

  • Developing a drug for Alzheimer’s disease by targeting the TREM2-receptor
  • Explore the biomarker potential of cerebrospinal fluid soluble TREM2-fragments
  • Investigate TREM2-biology in AD using cell culture models, organotypic brain slice cultures and transgenic mice models
  • Study effects of peripheral inflammation on AD neuropathology in the context differences in heparan sulfate structure

Contact information:
Group leader Professor Lars Nilsson Department of Pharmacology University Oslo/Oslo University Hospital Postboks 1057 Blindern NO-0316 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: +47 22840221, E-mail: