NevSom - Norwegian Centre of Expertise for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Hypersomnias

NevSom participates in, and operates a number of research projects and networks for professionals.

NevSom's employees participate in many networks and research projects. Here Hilde T. Juvodden and Stine Knudsen present findings from their research on narcolepsy at a conference in the autumn of 2017. Photo: NevSom

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About NevSom:

NevSom works with professional development, research, dissemination, assistance and counseling. The goal is to provide individually-tailored and equal services for users of all ages, across the country. We do this through measures to contribute to the enhancement of competence in the specialist health services, local auxiliary equipment and other relevant services. The work is carried out through projects, networks, counseling, user courses and professional conferences.

NevSom places special emphasis on especially competence-demanding subgroups and compound conditions where competence is needed for more diagnoses and how the conditions mutually affect each other.