Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology has 15 research groups. 

Cerebrovascular diseases

The cerebrovascular research group - headed by Mona Skjelland

Clinical stroke research - Ullevål - headed by Else Charlotte Sandset

Headache and stroke - headed by Anne Hege Aamodt

Multiple sclerosis

Molecular and immunological studies of MS - headed by Tone Berge and Hanne Flinstad Harbo

Imaging studies of MS - headed by Einar A. Høgestøl and Hanne Flinstad Harbo

Clinical and epidemiological studies of MS - headed by Elisabeth Gulowsen Celius

Therapeutic trials and vaccine studies in MS - headed by Gro Owren Nygaard

ERGO - Epilepsy research group of Oslo

Clinical epilepsy research - headed by Erik Taubøll

Translational epilepsy research - headed by Kjell Heuser

Movement, neuromuscular disease and ALS - headed by Mathias Toft 

Huntington's disease and neurodegenerative genomics - headed by Lasse Pihlstrøm

Rare neuromuscular disorders (R-NMD) research - headed by Ørstavik and Wallace

Research group for applied neurophysiology - headed by Kristian Bernhard Nilsen

Brain plasticity and neuropsychiatry - headed by Torbjørn Elvsåshagen

Cognitive health  - headed by Ira Haraldsen