Blood and Lymphoproliferative Diseases

A Group at the KG Jebsen Centre of B Cell Malignancies (Head: Ludvig A. Munthe,

Research Aims

We aim to define specific molecular and signaling aberrations in cells from different B-cell malignancies, investigate effector functions and specificities of T cells in patients, characterize the tumor microenvironment and identify beneficial T cell subsets with functional testing in vitro and in vivo, develop novel CARs and immunomodulating biologics to more efficiently recognize and kill cancer cells. We also perform indepth characterization of the molecular interactions between Th cells and subpopulations of normal and autoimmune B cells.

Group Leader
Ludvig A Munthe

Head of Postgraduate Studies, Klinmed
Centre Leader, SKGJ Centre for B Cell Malignancies
Head of Research and Group Leader, Department of Immunology
Tel: +47 23074376/ Mobile: +47 93461540