The Musculoskeletal radiology research group at OUS

J.C. HellundGroup leader
J.C. Hellund
Group leader

Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology works in close cooperation with the orthopaedic surgeons, whom for many years have had a well-established research community.

The MSK research group was established in 2014, and its main goal is to stimulate and encourage consultants in MSK-radiology to take part in research. This has initially been research initiated by our collaborating clinical counterparts; the further goal is to establish independent projects based on work by MSK-radiology consultants and/or residents.

As part of this long term goal, the MSK research group holds an annually work-shop where the group members and other MSK-radiologist meet to discuss possible projects, status on ongoing research and to get updates on selected fields in MSK radiology. The latter is done by internal lectures, also providing essential training in presentation technique and professional communication to the participants.


  • T. Bøker - The Marfan study – part II. Radiologic branch – Ph.D. work for T. Bøker
  • H. Brøgger - LisFranc injury and radiology – part of Ph.D. work by orthopaedic surgeon (OS)
  • R. Gunderson – RSA of callotase, own project and contributing to work by OS
  • JC. Hellund – Weber C fractures and new surgical procedures – Radiologic part of Ph.D. by OS
  • JC. Hellund – Dialong study; Osteoarthritis and long term diabetes I – Radiology as part of Ph.D. work by Physical medicine MD
  • JC. Hellund – MRI of Epifysiolysis – Radiologic part of Ph.D. work by OS
  • A. Karlberg – Shoulder MRI - part of Ph.D. work by Physical medicine MD
  • A. Karlberg – Shoulder CT and classification - part of Ph.D. work by OS 
  • E. Kirkhus – Ph.D. Defended her thesis “Magnetic resonance imaging of musculoskeletal inflammation in children” 12. Oct. 2016
  • I. Taksdal – A study of epidemiology and outcome in chondrosarcoma - Radiologic part of Ph.D. work by OS

Contact information
Johan Castberg Hellund, Unit of Musculoskeletal radiology, Dept. of Radiology and Nuclear medicine, Ullevål, OUS,, +47 47841782